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Travancore indian
Indian food

Inside, the restaurant looks homey and cosy, with some specific Indian colours and décor pieces.

The bright orange walls enhance your appetite, while the closely positioned tables and chairs help you understand the sense of togetherness that infuses the Indian cuisine traditions.

Although there’s no air conditioning, the ceiling fans are enough to help you enjoy your meals in a cooled interior. If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, the outside terrace hosts a couple of tables guarded by some green plants and palm trees.

The unique selling proposition of Travancore Indian Restaurant is its wide variety of meals, with vegan and vegetarian options, all of which are prepared from the freshest ingredients available.

All of these dishes are beautifully presented and affordable, plus you can enjoy them in a convivial atmosphere.

The best-selling appetizer is the Vegetable Samosa, but you might also like Masala Vada, a deep-fried, tasty snack from Southern India, or Fish Armritsari, a marinated and spicy dish.

Tandoori dishes, flamed over charcoal-grilled, are also popular among tourists. Although most of the dishes here consist of fish, chicken, or prawn, you can also try some vegetarian varieties, including tandoori cheese. Although the main ingredients repeat themselves, each tandoori dish has a different flavour because some are marinated and spicy, some have creamy yoghurt sauces, while others use earth-flavoured herbs and spices.

Apart from these dishes, you can also try some different lentil soups, chicken, lamb, or fish-based dishes, vegetable Masalas and Paneer (homemade cottage cheese). Other delicacies include South Indian crepes, Indian breads you can eat plain, with stuffing or topping, plus Biryani, Thali, homemade Indian curd called Raita, and a couple of dessert options, if you still have room.


 Menu start $7.5 to $17 

 733, Streer No. 7, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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