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    the best  massages  In Siem Reap

lemon grass massage spa siem reap

Open everydays 10am To 10pm

As Cambodia’s first eco conscious spa, you’ll discover many of our products are completely natural, environmentally friendly, 

organic and even vegan...

- Full Body Massage                         60min-16$ | 90min-23$      


- Foot & Lower Leg Massage          60min-16$ | 90min-23$

Massage Siem reap

Open everydays 10am To 11pm

Bodia Spa  also known as the “Cambodian Cocoon” is known as the most interesting and highest quality day spa in the region; with its 4 foot massage chairs and 24 luxury & individual treatment’s rooms...

- Reflexology feet massage              60min-25$ | 90min-34$ 

- Head , back & shoulder massage     60min-29$ | 90min-39$9$


spa massage siem reap

Mudita Spa, a wonderful means of communicating our love and compassion for every client in a very direct way...    

- Coconut Nourishing Experience           65$ | 150min 
- Truly Jasmine Pampering                   65$ | 150min

Open everydays 10am To 11pm

foot massage siem reap

Open everydays 10am To 10pm

We are one of Cambodia’s most luxurious and experienced boutique spa businesses, with a special focus on top-quality therapies,

natural and locally sourced ingredients and essential oils, and a tranquil atmosphere...

 - Oil massage                      60min-15$ 

 - Shoulder massage           60min-29$ 

tha zen massage spa siem reap

Open everydays 10am To 10pm

We offer a full range of massages, scrubs, body wraps and facial treatments...

- Massage Thaï Royal    60min-29$ | 90min-39$ 
- Lanna Massage           60min-35$ | 90min-45$

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