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    the best  artists  In Siem Reap

Fischer Aurélie


Aurélie Fischer (b. 1984, Mons, Belgium) is a freelance photographer based in Cambodia since 2020. After hearing the "call of the East" in the 2010s, she visited Angkor for the first time in 2014, spent some time as a volunteer in the experimental city of Auroville, India, and photographed the huge Hindu pilgrimage of Kumbh Melah, spending several hot days and freezing nights amongst the pilgrims, and falling under the spell of what she called its "divine anarchy".

Tiptoeing on the fickle frontier between the real and the immaterial, she developed augmented reality installations, the latest one, 'Contemplations', focusing on Angkor and hosted by Sra'Art Studio, Phnom Penh, in September 2022


 Music band 

ARod  - Guitars / Vocals

Chema - Drums / vocals

Andrey / Bass

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Sokunthea Duk


Sokunthea Duk,  Cambodian singer in different projects since 2013 in Siem Reap

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Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio


I am an Australian Tattoo Artist and I saw that Siem Reap need a Western Style quality Tattoo Studio for the Tourist and locals that are here in this amazing city in Cambodia. We pride ourselves on our Hygiene standards, using all disposable equipment and the best Tattoo Supplies that are currently available. Many of the shops in asia do not operate to the type of Standards that are expected in Australia so I felt it was an important part of the Tattoo culture to bring to Siem Reap.

Art is also my passion so providing quality Tattoo Art for our clients is very important, I am also a graphic designer so Tattoo art is both drawn by hand and produced in the computer here at the studio. We can do any custom Tattoo art for clients, we can work off Tattoo flash sheets or do Freehand Tattoo art. We also have a wide selection of Traditional Khmer Tattoo Designs.

Our mission is to build the Tattoo culture in Siem Reap Cambodia we want to bring something to the local market here especially for the Tourists that is top class, quality tattoo art, a great studio experience. We want to build the name Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio into a name that is recognized around Cambodia by travelers and anyone who lives in Siem Reap.

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